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Precision Engineering Services



There are a number of CNC turning services available for short-run and long-run production, covering the majority of applications in many different sectors, both in terms of materials (exotic and less exotic materials), footprints of components and complexity/geometry of components.

We are a manufacturer of precision machined components in metals and plastics that supply a diverse range of industries such as Gas, Oil & Automobile, and Aerospace.
Company plants include CNC machines able to manufacture to the high standards and tolerances demanded by all sectors served.

Continual improvement

As our primary goal, we will work closely with the customers to determine and satisfy their requirements, both now and in the future.

The company has established effective communication arrangements to assist with customer feedback regarding its products and its associates’ services. Customer feedback is analysed and used to continuously improve the company’s processes.

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Kanban & stock holding

In a Kanban or scheduled order scenario, we are happy to the machine in small batches and deliver them in affordable quantities that reduce component costs and inventory without disrupting supply.

On-time delivery

The on-time delivery (OTD) KPI is one of a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) that small and medium-sized manufacturers should monitor.
A clear picture of current order progress is available to us. The confirmation of an order takes into account the risk assessment and provides accurate and safe delivery information. Any unanticipated problems will be communicated as soon as possible.

Executing online delivery of goods in the stream 24 hours. Logistics concept